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0:05 - Introduction

0:26 - Family background in Pontotoc, Mississippi--raised by aunt

2:43 - Decision by father, Joe Bell, to come to Beloit--influence of relatives--mother was a sister to Zach White

5:55 - Sadie Bell's early recollections of Beloit--Strong school--influential teachers--integration of Strong elementary school

10:36 - Forms of recreation--wading in Turtle Creek--floating on blocks of ice

13:28 - No indication that education motivated father to move to Beloit--father seldom discussed race

14:55 - Racial differences become apparent during junior high school years--white friends became distant--use of “nigger” as expletive--"poor trash"

19:34 - Parents' reactions to racial differences

21:38 - Religion and growing up--Emmanuel Baptist church--joining the church

23:51 - Families on Athletic Avenue--many blacks left Beloit--teachers discouraged development of skills among black students, S.B. dropped bookkeeping

28:32 - Work in Rockford at W.T. Grant

33:19 - Recollections of high school--poor student, did not enjoy high school--blacks not encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities

39:24 - Further comments on high school, compared to elementary school--S.B.'s aspiration to be a salesperson

43:03 - Many black students left for Milwaukee upon graduation--S.B.'s sister married John McCord, Jr

46:13 - S.B. as domestic worker after graduation--marriage and divorce

48:06 - Comparison between Rockford and Beloit black communities

49:45 - Further comments on work at W.T. Grant, positive experience--nature of work there--manager's attitude

54:28 - Work at Clara Stone's store as first black salesperson in Beloit

59:02 - Introduction to second part

59:10 - Further comments on work at Clara Stone's--attitudes or customers--support from Clara--NAACP research on downtown Beloit salespeople

65:51 - Other stores hired black clerks in the 1960s

67:22 - Further comments on work at Clara Stone's--importance of support from Clara

69:46 - Opening up of other jobs for black people in the Beloit area

76:11 - Clara Stone and civil rights activities--importance of her Jewish background--Clara Stone as an NAACP member--good business with black community

81:26 - Sadie Bell and the NAACP--participate in the March on Washington--S.B. as local NAACP president

88:51 - Open housing effort in Beloit--recollection of NAACP during the early years, support from Beloit College professors

96:02 - Accomplishments of NAACP locally teacher recruitment in the 1960s--jobs at Chrysler and GM in Janesville

0:00No transcript.