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0:00 - Introduction

0:24 - Background of Rabbi Hyatt's Life in Europe

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Partial Transcript: Rabbi Hyatt came to the United States in 1922 from Lithuania with his whole family

1:36 - Reasons for Immigration to Superior

2:09 - Family Name Changes

3:42 - Reasons for Family's Immigration to Superior

4:30 - Background of Uncle Zalman Yehuda Leib Weinstein

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Partial Transcript: First member of the family to settle in Superior, brother to Alex's paternal grandmother, Zalman in the cattle dealing business

7:58 - Grandfather's Occupation

8:36 - Background of Rabbi Hyatt's Mother

9:09 - Background of Rabbi Hyatt's Father and Family

12:21 - Knowledge of Synagogue in the 1920s while he Studied in New York

12:50 - Jewish Population of Superior and Jewish Leadership in the Synagogue Structure

13:46 - Grandparents' Home

16:06 - Father's Sister Bluma

18:22 - Father Taught Talmud Classes

19:53 - How Observant the Community was of Religious Practices

20:42 - First Religious Services in Superior and the Construction of Synagogues

23:25 - Attendance at the Synagogue, Women Participation and “Minyan”.

24:33 - Types of Jewish Businesses in Superior

24:52 - End of Tape One Side One

24:56 - Introduction Tape One Side Two

25:08 - Background of Other Synagogue in Superior

26:37 - Synagogue School and Teachers

27:53 - Arnovich Family

28:49 - Jewish Organizations in Superior

30:00 - Superior Gentile Community and Jewish Community's Relationships with Gentiles

32:19 - Wealthy Jews in Superior and their Businesses

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Partial Transcript: Most Jewish immigrants were poor upon arrival but worked hard and some achieved great wealth

32:53 - The Mikveh

34:36 - Early Impressions of Superior

0:00No transcript.